Grotte du Bosc, little walks or thrills ...
 Direction the center of the earth!!
Real lace?
You will observe magnificent concretions while passing of course by the famous stalactites and stalacmites but also draperies and eccentrics.
Grotte du Bosc
Let us walk ...
Explore the 200 meters of the Bosc cave, 15 meters below the ground at a temperature of 15 ° C; you can even see the roots of oaks !!!
Interpretation center
15 minutes on foot.
You can reach the entrance to the Bosc cave and take advantage of its interpretation center / mineral shop.
spéléo outing
Get off the beaten track!
With Etienne and Marine, treat yourself to a tailor-made caving trip. More info here.
Is it too hot, the weather is uncertain?
So let's go to the magnificent Bosc cave! A 15-minute walk from the Refuge aux étoiles, you will find a very pleasant guided tour and interpretation center.
 Your passionate guide will reveal lace and colors sublimated by soft lighting.

Our region is located on a limestone plateau, the caves are therefore part of our landscape, a walk 20 minutes walk from us will take you through a small cave to entertain the children by transforming them into Cro-magnon men.
Still on Saint-Antonin, hike the Trassadou cave: underground passage, superb view, more info here.

To know more about the Neandertal mystery in Bruniquel.

Further by car:
 Other more well-known caves can be visited not far from Saint-Antonin, such as the Padirac chasm and the Lacave cave, both in the departement of Lot.

Do you want to initiate your children safely or have thrills with friends?
 Etienne and Marine graduated in speleology will be your guides

Do you have questions about astronomical animations or accommodation? Contact us!

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Le refuge aux étoiles
82140 Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val


How to get to Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val?

To reach le Refuge aux étoiles: by car, from Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val head for the cave Bosc (D75), then cross the hamlet of Bosc de la Cam and take the direction Foyt, go to end of the small road, you are there !!!

GPS: with Mappy, Tom Tom or Google maps simply enter "Le Refuge aux étoiles".