And the sky reveals its secrets ...
Initiation evening
Being an astronomical educator for many years, I realized that very few people have already observed the sky in a real telescope. Just seeing the lunar craters in detail, the satellites of Jupiter or the rings of Saturn gives the visitors a memory they never forget, indeed they observe, IN TRUE, other worlds located just above of their heads ...
These evenings are included with all two days minimum stays in lodging or rooms of hosts in the Refuge aux étoiles.

This includes:
-The visit of our observatory.
-The telescope observation of visible stars during the early evening, planets, deep sky objects (function of the time of year)

Duration: 15 minutes

Private evening "Let's dive into the stars"
Do you want to experience a real night of unforgettable astronomical observation?
The evening "Let's dive into the stars" is for you.

On the program:
The evening begins with a presentation of our astronomical observatory and equipment (telescope, telescope ....) that we will use to observe the sky.
A historical and contemporary aspect is discussed.
Then we continue by wondering about the orientation in space, the situation of the Earth in relation to the celestial vault.
We dive into the sky to discover the constellations and their associated myths.

We can then see luminous spots points that do not seem to be stars, they are planets; we watch them with an impressive 400mm telescope to reveal their details.
An apochromatic telescope of 130 mm will be useful to observe nebulae and other clusters of our Milky Way.
We will go so far as to scan other galaxies close to our Milky Way.
We wander in the sky for 1H30, responding to the various questions about the cosmos in which we are immersed. 
Take time to observe and ask question, your private evening is only for you.

Prices for your private night:
100 € from 1 to 8 people,
160 € from 8 to 16 people,
Open to all.
To book in low-season, please contact us.
Suitable for children from 8 years old.
See our scolar offers
Sun observation
Astronomy is also practiced during the day !!!

Eager to know more about our sun, we invite you to book during your stay a sun observation.
We begin by recalling the safety instructions of a solar observation, then we wonder about its surface that we observe with telescope and telescope.
Maybe we'll see the famous solar spots, what is it? what is their origin?
We change instruments to try to see solar protuberances, what are these parts of the sun, what do they correspond to?
We talk together and try to understand the energy source of our sun.
We will also discuss the place of the sun in the sky, the seasons ...

30 € from 1 to 8 people,
50 € from 8 to 16 people,

open to all.
Telescope service
Getting started with your astro material
You just bought a telescope and have trouble using it?
Do not hesitate and book an evening at Refuge aux étoiles for us to guide you in these first steps.

Duration: 1H30
Price: 100 €
Valid for 1 to 2 people and 1 telescope.
astrophotography service
Getting started with your astrophotography setup
The start of an astrophoto setup is relatively complex to start (APN, CCD, guidance, filters, software ...)
If you want to be guided for your first steps, we propose you an personalized evening at Refuge aux étoiles.

Duration: 2H30 
Price: 150 €
Valid for 1 to 2 people and 1 setup.
astronomy workshop
Personalized traineeship

For all requests about more specific traineeship, contact us.
We can offer several days traineeship on topics that interest you: the solar system, observation tools, the night landscape photo, the deep sky photo or the high resolution global photo...

We propose also traineeship with AFA partnership "1 2 3 stars".
Do not hesitate to let us know your desires and we will tell you how we can answer them.

More informations about astronomy activities? please use the form below.
Do you have questions about astronomical animations or accommodation? Contact us!

Tél : +336 01 80 39 26  /  +335 63 65 64 36

Le refuge aux étoiles
82140 Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val


How to get to Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val?

To reach le Refuge aux étoiles: by car, from Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val head for the cave Bosc (D75), then cross the hamlet of Bosc de la Cam and take the direction Foyt, go to end of the small road, you are there !!!

GPS: with Mappy, Tom Tom or Google maps simply enter "Le Refuge aux étoiles".